Just Like Rain Letterpress CD w/ booklet

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Just Like Rain Letterpress CD w/ booklet

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Limited Edition Artisanal Edition of Dylan Lee Johnston's full length record "Just Like Rain" printed on a letterpress at Sawtooth Press in Nashville, Tennessee, sewn together by hand and complete with a hand hewn booklet. 

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"The debut album of Dylan Lee Johnston, JUST LIKE RAIN is the story of a Rock & Roll poet traveling through a world of chaos and beauty, seeking out those who can keep him steady, keep him pointed towards the light...Just Like Rain is most certainly a worldly collection of songs inspired in equal parts by New Orleans street soul, the ghettos of Kingston, Tom Waits, Elliott Smith & hard traveling. 'Please Don’t Go' is a three chord Summer smash. Thumping radio rhythms and pure Rock & Roll swagger with existential lyrics pushing towards youthful Carpe Diem.

'What if I cannot overcome my mortality?
and tonight is the only night?
After this, I’ll be free.'

The kind of lyrics you just haven’t heard lately, strapped inside an undeniable Pop hook and back-beat."

-Tim Easton

Mixed, Mastered & Produced by Patrick Damphier @ Club Roar in Nashville, TN

All songs written by Dylan Lee Johnston

Do not share, copy or broadcast.

Dylan Lee Johnston: Vocals, Guitars, Piano, Percussion, Upright Bass, Synth, Organ

Patrick Damphier: Drums, Percussion, Bass, Guitars, Piano, Synth, Organ, Vocals

Megan Palmer: Violin, Piano, Organ, Harmonium, Rhodes, Vocals

Aaron Till: Violin, Vocals

Kai Welch: Trumpet

Tim Easton: Guitar, Vocals

Ariel Bui: Vocals

Kingston Springs Boys: Vocals

Galen Ballinger: Guitar, Vocals

Brian Wright: harmonica

Sam Doores: Harmonica, Vocals

Sallie Ford: Vocals

Bucky Baxter: Steel Guitar

All Rights Reserved

Dylan Lee Johnston 2015